Bouncy Bois And Big (B)rograms (2-5) - 188th at Worlds

anarchomushroom 110

This deck is quite fun to play but I am not a good Leela player and I didn't put in enough reps with this version of the deck that I should have. I also didn't play the Jinteki glacier matchup enough and that's what I ended up facing early on.

This deck is a blast and once it gets going it feels rich and inevitable. I'd love to find room for a third Rezeki and a Maker's Eye but that would probably require cutting Engolo and I'm not sure if that's something I wanna do. Maybe a third Diesel and a Maker's and just play 2 Amina.

All in all Nisei are great, worlds was fab, and y'all are fantastic. Hopefully see ye in meatspace soon. #IrishWorlds2022