Leela likes big programs - Top 4 at EurAfrs

cableCarnage 2560


Pretty standard Leela based on Longi's APAC deck. I'm very satisfied with the deck and would only make minor changes.

  • Career Fair should be Inside Job. The deck is rich enough already.
  • I was expecting Stargate to be better than The Maker's Eye for R&D pressure. That was not the case EurAfrs with corps going very fast and playing no central ambushes. If I replace Stargate with The Maker's Eye, I would cut a Daily Casts or a Tapwrm for a Rezeki or Hunting Grounds.

Swiss results (I hope I remembered the rounds correctly):

  1. Win vs Swiftie on "Argus at Home" EarthStation
  2. Win vs emmel's real Argus
  3. Leela was the sun and Cliquil's Jemison was Icarus. The game was streamed by NewAndes.
  4. Win vs GingercredMan on attrition RP. We were both on 4 points, I was fed up of the taxing ICE so I decided to rip an Obokata with a single R&D access.
  5. ID
  6. ID
  7. Uhm ID

Top Cut:

  1. Win vs iref on glacier Palana. The game was streamed by shanodin.
  2. Corp game.
  3. Loss vs ChrisFerg on Successful Field Test Asa. An absolute incredible game. The end was streamed by koga.
  4. Corp game.
  5. Knocked out by TugtetguT on Rude Outfit after wild fast game. The big lesson here is that The Maker's Eye would've won me the game instead of stargate and that I should count creds, cards and tags before letting Mausolus fire :) The game was streamed by NISEI.
27 Jul 2020 Cpt_nice

Congrats on your placement. I like the reasoning of Maker's Eye over Stargate, as well as the one of Labor Rights.

27 Jul 2020 5N00P1

Congrats for this good showing!
Made the same decision to include Stargate but don't regret it as much as you do (but my deck was based on qvms). Do you find Earthrise Hotel to be fast enough for your taste? and how relevant was Labor Rights for you?

27 Jul 2020 cableCarnage

@5N00P1 Earthrise was fine for me. Leela naturally slows the corps down and unlike the Aniccam build this deck is starved of clickless draw otherwise. In the tournament Labor Rights did not do much but it felt worth it in testing. Essentially you can use it to dig for answers, recur lost breakers, recur wincons like Legwork or Falsified Credentials or if the corp wants to grind play Diversion of Funds six times.