7 credits is enough (7h place at German Nats)

Quercia 277

I've been playing some version of Khumalo for the last 8 months but chickened out from playing it at Worlds. This time since my one true love ( AKA Liza) got the knife, I resorted to my Anarchist friend. And what an agent of chaos!

At this point everyone knows how this deck plays and what it does but the hit combo Chisel + Devil's Charm makes it much more diabolic, specially under the threat of a surprise Peddler or Gachapon.

The highlight of the tournament was winning a game with using one Dirty Laundry on my very first click and never EVER getting any money again for the entire game. Really, not a single click for credit. I basically installed Yusuf + Stargate on turn one and never did anything else other then stargate run and running again occasionally in order to trash other pieces that I knew were there. In total the deck went 4-2, sending me to a Top 8 filled with some of the best players in Europe.

Thanks to the Berlin crew for the support and the tournament staff (yes, 5n00P1, I'm talking to you) for putting together such a great experience.