The Vengeful Mammoth - 1st, 4-1 @ Toronto PATH CO

Ark1t3kt 300

My take on the Regenesis-Punitive fork archetype, of which there's a great write-up here: Big Deal might be better than Bran but with Anoetic and Ag's ability to thwart Pinholes I felt confident in the scoring plan, especially expecting a crim-heavy meta, and Bran is such a strong piece of ice in Ag.

Thanks to everyone for the great games, and especially to the organizers for running an awesome event!

20 Nov 2023 Jinsei


20 Nov 2023 AugustusCaesar

I like this version a lot too.

In my testing the third regenesis was very important for scoring out, specially into turbine decks that can steamroll you if set up. But going up to 21 points does feel weird.

I also neglected mavirus because I think the deck is already great into most decks using virus. But if you expect a lot of Aumakua and Audrey that is a good call.

22 Nov 2023 Ark1t3kt

@AugustusCaesar Hey! Thanks for your insights.

I settled on 2 Regenesis to minimize the chance of the runner stealing one (especially early) which feels horrible as it severely hamstrings the punitive threat, but I do agree that turbine is a problem for this deck and necessitates faster play.

You may be right about mavirus, I'd like to test the mulch matchup more to be sure.