The 4 player Graveyard Cube - Runner

internet_potato 951

Credit to @bluebird503 for the original graveyard cube, publishing this in advance of an upcoming draft.



  • 30 card minimum deck size.
  • Play to 6 points

Changes from original list (courtesy of bluebird503):

  • drop bloo moose: way above the curve
  • drop 2 yog: neutralizes ~half of the code gates available
  • add 2 cyberfeeder
  • add 1 stimhack

Changes after 10/9/17 draft

  • −1 Hard at Work: with no way to deactivate it, it's a tough sell.
  • −2 Wyldside, −2 Quality Time : too much draw
  • +2 Inside Man : there's a lot of decent hardware in the pool, seems fun
  • −1 R&D Interface, +1 Deep Thought : 3 RDI felt like too many, Deep Thought is a more interesting R&D pressure card and makes Djinn a little more appealing.
  • −1 Muresh Bodysuit: just never going to be worth the slot, there's 2 plascrete
  • +2 Raymond Flint : I love this card, and there's a lot of BP-generating effects in corp, so it seems like a possibility to exercise a rarely-used interaction.
  • +1 Satellite Uplink : Makes blackguard a marginally-less-terrible pick
  • +1 Spinal Modem : econ was a little slim, seems like a good econ-console that is not as bonkers as Desperado.