BlooSifr (2017 Durham Regional 5th Place)

JDC_Wolfpack 111

Turns out if you play BlooSifr expecting to see Ag you'll inevitably win against an HB & IG and then lose your only game against Ag by whiffing HQ accesses for game.

Hindsight, this should've been the TemuWhiz I was testing leading up to the tournament. Main problems included not being able to find a killer in time to deal with Architects & Komainu's. The 2nd Yog should probably be a 2nd mimic in the current meta.

Shout out to @neuropantser for all the testing going into the event, @basoon for giving me a loss in the one match up I expected to win with relative ease, and @Tichy and Atomic for running a great event

17 Aug 2017 Fruggles

Rationale behind 2xYog 1xBO?

17 Aug 2017 JDC_Wolfpack

Tracker and FC3 are both very prevalent so you want to find a Yog and a Sifr/Sucker early. BO is exclusively for Lotus Field.