Spider Palana (1st at Remote Access 9)

Longi 1445

Another take on the La Costa Palana. The Spider Web is here to tax "Lady" breaker that is just brutal, especially in combo with Simulchip.

A shout-out goes to event organiser @Swan and also other guys, who were really pleasant to play against and chat with and who had to suffer through all my undo-clicks proving my bad shaper skills :) Hopefully see you next time;)

17 Jan 2021 m.p

I would consider swapping Slot Machines for third Border Control and either second and third Macrophage (as an Medium+Parasite protection) or for two Lotus Fields as a non-silver bullet which is imunne against Parasite

17 Jan 2021 Longi

@m.pFair suggestions. I used to play three Border Controls but found out this deck had enough ETR effects (Nisek MK II and Bio Vault). More often I lacked cheap and taxing ices at the beginning of the game or additional economy. Slot Machine combines both.

Macrophage often seems to be the weakest ice. Without scored Cyberdex Sandbox it does not do much. If the meta shifts and people start to play more viruses then I will reconsider but it seems to me that Sandbox is the exact reason why people do not play as much Parasites as one would expect.