Mind's Eye Hayley (1st GNK)

Johnny Polite 350

First place at an Ottawa GNK, wins against Palana and GameNET, close loss against Asa. This deck is a modified version of Aesop's Rebooted (https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/58558/aesops-rebooted-crit-hit-gnk-1st-), because I like taking good decks and making them a little worse. The main change is dropping turntable, datasucker and a stimhack to free up influence for Wasteland. Getting 4 or 5 credits per Aesop trigger is no joke! I replaced turntable with Mind's Eye, a console I've always suspected is not very good, but that actually has some real value if you're playing RDI as we are here. One game was won by clicking to access four cards from Rnd. Feels nice!