The bahram special

bblum 4558

5-0 in SC today. 5-0 with corp as well. Matchups were against PE, Palana, Palana, RP, and dedication Sync.

I never played chameleons before but this deck seems really strong. I just played it the same way I play normal kate and just crushed all day long. Seal of approval.

Corp deck:

20 Mar 2016 Jcree8

Except for the game you actually lost against PE, I guess some people want to win at any cost even if it calls into question their integrity.

20 Mar 2016 StarryVeck


20 Mar 2016 hutch9514

oh snap!

20 Mar 2016 Elodius

shots fired !

20 Mar 2016 Chuftbot

Bblum, what'd you do?

21 Mar 2016 kollapse

Bring the popcorn, we'll be here for a while.

21 Mar 2016 Saan

Yeah, and the game you lost to no-ice GRNDL! Cheating gets this community nowhere!

For real though, don't just shit out accusations, @Creedsk8. If you call someone out in a public forum and don't actually say anything of substance, it just looks hollow and pithy.

21 Mar 2016 Ironcache

@Saan being fair, he did say something of substance. He's saying the deck doesn't have the record it claims. He just followed it up with a relatively tasteless attack on the author's integrity.

Most likely the author simply forgot the loss. I'm after forgetting my win/loss count immediately after a tournament ended, let alone after I get home and take time to do a write up on the decks.

21 Mar 2016 bblum

The game against PE was down to a judge call that could have been a game loss for me, but ended up going in my favor. I ran against a kitsune with 2 cards in hand, SMCed for atman3 to break it, and both of us forgot about my LLDS triggers until the following turn. I realized the error, pointed it out, encouraged Justin to call a judge on me, suggested several reasonable rulings to the judge one of which was a game loss, and the judge came back saying it was just a warning because it was just an SC and not a regional.

I'm not sure what Justin was hoping for me to say to this comment; I don't think I could have handled my error any more fairly. I would deserve to lose this game at a regionals, but I won it on saturday.

21 Mar 2016 wompa164

That should have been a game loss for you.

21 Mar 2016 dogstew

Whether or not it should have been a game loss (and to be fair, it almost certainly should have), it sounds like @bblum reacted in a totally reasonable way to the situation and the judge made a ruling. I fail to see how anyone's integrity is called into question.

21 Mar 2016 Ironcache

I agree that it doesn't seem fair that @bblum was allowed to keep an Atman 3 despite illegally using it to break when it was at 4 strength, but this sounds like TO error more than the author's, and, regardless, what does it really have to do with the deck?

It sucks that someone might've got shafted out of a win in a tournament because of a bad ruling, but handling that isn't really the purpose of this site.

21 Mar 2016 Ironcache

@bblum on the note of the deck, it looks like you probably spent a ton of time repeatedly installing chameleons. Do you feel like you might've got more efficiency out of Hayley than Kate? Maybe with Sahasrara?

21 Mar 2016 bblum

This list is almost exactly copied from bahram/saetzero, who has been playing it much longer than I have, so I can't answer with much confidence. But I think the main difference is Kate's early game is stronger, while hayley's late game is more crushing. I don't really feel the need for more late game power compared to this. Also sahasrara is a bit at odds with PW and PW lets you make 3-4 runs on a caprice server. I guess hayley is more of a meta-call deck while this one is pretty general purpose.

22 Mar 2016 saetzero

@Ironcache - you dont install that many chameleons. the big trick to PW Kate is to install things on dead turns, always try to have as much on the PW as possible at 1 counter.

then when it runs off, you either go ham sandwich and run, then reload next turn.... or you dont run, keep it all on the workshop, and load the 1x thing (cough chameleon cough) on it next turn and renew the cycle

very few decks can do remote plays for an 'important' score on back to back turns... and even if they can, with scheherzade you can install (+1 scheh, and kate discount) then install 2 more chamelon for total 2 dollars and run, crushing all but caprice for sure.

'but caprice' - but hyperdriver, take 4 shots instead.

PW is a tempo tool, and you use it when you have the tempo, aka when the corp is too scared of shaper bullshit to go for it.

hayley has a better late game, at the cost of the balls to the wall early game kate CAN do..... which honestly, rush is the best solution vs chameleon shaper. so kate helps the worst matchup, while chameleon TW hayley with RDI wins games wins games with 40 creds in the bank, and get outrushed sometimes vs neh fastro and smart etf players.

sahasrara is a PW replacement in HAYLEY to abuse her ability on double chameleon installs on on scheh. (2x sahas, install both chamel on a scheh to +2 cred for 1 click, and rack up TW for the ultimate remote lock)

but thats a diff playstyle.

this can remote lock. this can pseudo RD lock like ppvp kate can via TME/Legwork/Sot recursion while you wait out chameleons on PW...

but it HAS a early game. thats why you play kate.

go ham sandwich.

22 Mar 2016 bblum


25 Mar 2016 ThomasMcIntosh

Have you tested Technical Writer in this deck, @saetzero? The best case seems astronomical, and the worst case seems like a quick sale to Aesop.

28 Mar 2016 akalic

@bblum you ruined everything. I was hoping this list would stay isolated in our meta as the "NJ Special", now I have to deal with this outside my safe space. CURSES!

1 May 2016 graemefoster

What do you find you Clonechip the most? Just the vital pieces you have lost? or do you find yourself using Hyper over and over?

2 May 2016 saetzero

Hyper is removed on use. Would be busted otherwise. XD

I usually CC for Cache, or a David thats empty, or Clot (or smc into clot). Thats like 90% of the time.

4 May 2016 graemefoster

Also why only two Diesel? Do you find you get all the pieces you want quick enough? If you knew your meta would you potentially swap out cards like plascrete/film critic/clot for more draw or econ? I find play testing this deck that installs have to cost next to nothing or be free in order to be able to afford to run. Perhaps I am not getting PW out soon enough.

5 May 2016 saetzero

I run 3 Diesel personally. I think BBlum just preferred to run at 45 cards (I run at 46) and between Hyperdriver, Diesel, and Astrolabe the draw is enough for how he plays.

You make tons of money though. Even without PW, you should not be spending a ton of money every turn.

I personally manually draw 2 times a turn very often. Draw 2x, then install or PW or play 2x cards. Draw a lil harder if you have things you can afford to throw away instead.

Really once you have a Aesops online, you should never be having money issues again. Unless you spend recklessly trashing things, but if thats the case you should look into Paricia. I used to run that card as a 1x, and it would make sense to run 2x if you know you like to trash a lot of assets.