Petit Poivron Rouge Frais

Diogene 1024

Fast and simple. This sweet little red deck is easy to maneuver and will not take you long to finish the game.

6 games with this deck were played on stream in 90 minutes (discounting the interlude between talks) : .

This is the replacement of its previous iteration :

Poivron rouge

The aim of the deck was to be able to finish a game in 15 minutes. While this deck does not use any fast advance tool or special combo, it will play usually in 15 minutes, give or take 5 minutes.

With 40 cards, the consistency is good. Tests showed that while The Future Perfect can defend itself some of the time, Global Food Initiative work 100% of the time.

Bio Vault and NGO Front are used for bait. After you score an agenda, the runner must run anything with advances in the remote or lose the game.

In test, lots of game were lost because there was not enough creds to rez the ices. So, instead of lots of strong ices, there is a lot of cheap ice that tax a lot.

Surveyor is just like always, very good. Since it is the only ice that has End The Run, it should be placed on the scoring remote.

There is no special trick in this deck. You score behind ice, this is basic netrunner.