Scavenger Hayley 1st @ Richmond SC 4-0-1

strube 156

Another Hayley doing well at a tournament. Yawn

I cut hunting grounds for another stimhack but either would've been okay. I put in a Scavenge because I'm not good enough to guess on Atman and it turned out to be MVP moving Femme around and was played in every game.

Round 1 Win vs Skorpios - Got money and setup going early and skorp wasn't able to rush. Contested the first remote play blind femming what turned out to be an archer to establish remote lock. Indexing closed it out.

Round 2 Win vs BoN - Again setup quickly with some fan site help from an early score. Corp never got a remote even established and again indexing was big.

Round 3 6-6 Draw vs BoN - This was an interesting game were I kinda missed Na'Not'K when dealing with lots of sentries. Lots of tight remote econ and remote plays in this one. Whiffed on my last indexing and misplayed on my final turn to miss doing it again.

Round 4 ID Played the games for fun/practice and won vs AoT glacier.

Cut Game 1 Win vs CTM - Tense game and typical econ battle here. CTM didn't have a strong start to their board and eventually I was able to remote camp through a femmed raven and double tollbooth and guessed right on all the agendas.

Cut Game 4 Win vs AoT - Remote camped and corp wasn't able to bluff me in with their agendas available. Fan Sites burst econ was clutch. Again scavenging femme to R&D to close with indexing.