Cambridge Loutfit (5th London Reg., KoS/2nd Bromley Reg.)

Saintis 387

Went 3-1 + one ID during Swiss at Dark Sphere London regional. It dropped one game against Geist that I would have won had I not discarded my Audacity. Killed a Null and a Liza, and scored out against a Wu.

Won the game it played in the cut, against Ciara's hyper-Clan Vengeance MaxX. Cheeky Ark Lockdown did a lot of work.

Based on the Loutfit with the Snare!s dropped for other cards.

19 Aug 2018 Saintis

Came King of Swiss, and 2nd at Bromley Regionals with -1 Vanilla +1 Bulwark.

27 Aug 2018 Saintis

Came 38th at UK Nats with -1 Surveyor +1 Excalibur (in addition to -1 Vanilla +1 Bulwark).