Are you a mad genius [SCOOPS]

aDumbBrick 669

When given an exclusive scoop what do you do? Play with it in the most busted ways you can think of, of course. Unfortunately I didn't get to play as many games as I wanted but a handful of people got to play against my decks on jnet this week where Dedicated Technician Team stood in for ...


Deck Writeup

I cannot take credit for this deck, I will fully admit that I have never been creative enough to build my own Jemison lists, but I buckled down and got some advice from my meta mate, and he built me this.

I still can't quite say I understand all of the ways that Jemison works, but this deck did things when I played it and that is about all I could have asked for.

In all serious ness though the card seems really good alongside Standoff which is a card you already really wanted in this list.

I look forward to playing against all of those who take up this deckbuilding challenge.

18 Mar 2021 Saan

Seems pretty reasonable, although I'd try and fit a couple Dedication Ceremonies in there somewhere. Hell if I know where, though =D