Standoff 2/0


When you score this agenda, the Runner may trash 1 of their installed cards. If they do not, draw 1 card and gain 5[credit]. Otherwise, you may trash 1 of your installed cards to repeat this process.

Illustrated by Ed Mattinian
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Blood and Water (baw)

#77 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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The official FAQ now states that Standoff only allows players to trash their own cards (FAQ 4.1). So suddenly this agenda becomes much less about kicking down each other's sandcastles until someone chickens out, and more about how much the runner doesn't want you to gain a Green Level Clearance.

The runner probably doesn't care too much if you gain a Green Level Clearance.

This agenda is now a lot more like Hostile Takeover in that it gives you a reimbursement for spending an entire turn scoring it, except it doesn't get you points and if the runner has dead cards installed you'll have to fight for it.

It's still good forfeiting fodder, or Hunter Seeker fuel, but it's lost a fair amount of interest otherwise.

(Crimson Dust era)
Thank god, they hose the ruling that makes sense! —
Can we delete the UFAQ ruling? It is out of date and confusing because it directly contradicts the current errata. —

Okay this is a really weird agenda, but I like it. As per the UFAQ, both players now have the ability to trash each other's cards. This agenda went from a staring contest into "Let's kick each other in the nuts until one of us gives up". Now the standard play would probably fall into one of four categories.

  1. The runner trashes a piece of ICE. You trash one of their breakers. They give up and you get a Green Level Clearance.

  2. You have some throwaway cards so you can keep the Rochambeau contest going. They give up and you get a Green Level Clearance.

  3. You are playing Skorpios Defense Systems: Persuasive Power and they are too spooked to get anything. Green Level Clearance

  4. Both players say "fuck it" and keep going until neither of them have a board state.

3 of these scenarios are generally favorable to you. You get a GLC and Archer/Tithonium fodder. Great! Unfortunately you probably lost a piece of ICE in the process. Bummer. Now I think that's what differentiates this from Hostile Takeover. This is a Mid Game card. In the middle stages of the game, both players have their board states more or less assembled, but the runner is still missing a critical piece from going into the late game domination phase. During this part of the game, the runner will must likely hesitate. Do they trash your ICE? What if they lose that breaker they tutored for last turn? This card leaves the runner a choice. A hard choice, something Weyland has been getting good at lately. Overall I think this is an interesting agenda, and an almost autoinclude for any Weyland player who wants to rez Archer. One tactic is to neveradvance this with a Midseason Replacements or Hard-Hitting News threat. Then they have 0 points and 17 tags! yay! And if they leave it alone, you can replace whatever ICE thry destroy when you score it and kill one of their cards!

EDIT: Another noteworthy combo is that the downside can be mitigated with a few well placed Warroid Trackers

(Blood and Water era)
The underlying issue with Standoff is that if you are using it with ice like Archer, then the runner being able to trash a rezzed archer off of you scoring this really sucks, though if the runner has no way to protect their icebreakers, then that will be a problem for them anyway. —
Standoff's main effect is getting 0-point agenda to fuel some storng Weyland cards. —
Economic benefit of scoring it is literally same as drawing any other card, keeping it and clicking for credits thrice. Trashing is Runner's choice so all your fancy rigshooting variants just not goint to happen - you will just get those 3 clicks for money. Even worse, until there is official errata Standoff threatens to punch you. But later it will be a strong option to get agenda-hungry cards online or to start Jemison FA. —
So the best bit is that from this ruling - Endless hunger and Heartbeat got an awesome boost in power - I can now trash corp cards to break subroutines and prevent damage. Both sets state "Trash an installed card" - better get that ruling changed quickly... —
Raga, you are incorrectf on how this ruling relates to Heartbeat and Endless Hunger. Both Endless Hunger and Heartbeat require card trashes as a cost; you cannot pay costs by trashing your opponents cards any more than you can use corp credits to pay for using an icebreaker. Standoff trashes as an effect, which is different than a cost and can target most installed cards. —
Bubba - that makes much more sense...for a minute there I thought they might have just made a stupid ruling up for the sake of it instead of just making this card useless... Was a kinda pointless card then, is even worse now. Shame really, finally thought Weyland were getting some cards that they might want to run.. —
Much as Project Kusanagi is good in PE, this card will be good in Argus Security. Of course, Aaron being in most decks makes Argus Security very hard to play. —
This also turns on more chances to play hunter seeker or midseasons (whilst we still have that) which can't be a bad thing. —
Right so to be clear, is anyone actually going to play with this obviously mistaken ruling? I mean I guess if you've got that one dude at the local playgroup who hates eye contact and INSISTS on it. But it is clear to everyone that Boggs maybe just got to this at the end of a long night right before he went to bed and it will be changed later. Right? —

4.1 made this a less insane mind game, but it's still good fun and an easy way to get agenda fodder.

What I really made this review about: Can we all agree that the little martian Arthur Dent in the art is adorable?

(Sovereign Sight era)
"We'll see who rusts first!" —