Hyper Velocity (SG Only)

CritHitd20 3917

Why play fair when you have a railgun? NBN loves to overwhelm the runner with tags, and once you have them locked on you can score Orbital Superiority and play Neurospike in the same turn to deal 6 damage and flatline the runner! This deck is loaded with lots of tagging tools like the brutal Funhouse or your operation Public Trail. You can’t keep the runner out of a server as easily as other corps, but perhaps you want to let them in so you can turn a stolen agenda into two tags with AMAZE Amusements! Once the runner is poor and tagged, make a remote to your agenda and blow up their grip once they can’t stop you!

This is part of a series of decklists to get yourself started with deckbuilding using only the cards from System Gateway! These are meant to help introduce you to each faction’s playstyle, as well as some of the many powerful strategies that you’ll find in the Startup and Standard formats. Of note, these aren’t the only decks you can build out of System Gateway; I’m sure you can find ways to make these lists even better, or maybe you’ll build something of your own!

30 Mar 2021 zmb

The flimsy ice and 3 Send a Message doesn't really make sense to me.

30 Mar 2021 CritHitd20

Regarding the agendas, I kept the count as low as the format allows since this is a combo deck. The ice is weak, and that is an excellent opportunity to improve the list. None of my suggested decklists in this series are optimized; I strongly suggest people take what they like and then personalize them where desired.