Main factions are pretenders!

WillRufus 89

In response to #endgame's Apex List, here is mine. It still highlights the same problem that their list did, so I implore you to go and look into it. It will be the one below this one, and probably the 2nd one down.

I've got little else to say aside from what they said. This is faster, leaner and meaner for a faster meta and once it gets on a roll, it just keeps punching.

But it's not enough, it's never going to be enough with this cardpool, and based on how little Mini-factions get from Nisei, that's not going to change.

This isn't a proud moment for me to post, this is the result of over 3 years of trying, tweaking and now, at long last the wheels have come off the wagon and the driver is dead.

RIP Angry netsquid...You weren't the best of us, but you revealed the best of us.

23 Nov 2021 #endgame

Here is a direct link to the decklist. I want to disagree with your assessment, but cannot =(