Sub-Optimal Leela, Optimized For Montreal (4th At Regionals)

Scorpi12 219

Based on paulyg's deck.

Added 1 Miss Bones, dropped 1 each of Interdiction and Blueberry, 1 Film Critic, added 1 Symmetrical Visage, 1 Hostage, and 1 Embezzle, 1 Bank Job

In the end, neither Miss Bones nor Caldera saw play - I expected to face a lot of Jinteki and a lot of asset spam, and faced neither. Oh well! I'll keep them in the deck. I'll probably make room for another Embezzle, though - that card's just too good with Leela, and I was happy whenever I saw it.

I didn't realize I was one influence short as I made these adjustments VERY early in the morning. Will probably add another Stimhack.