Thimble mimble (1st-ish Halmstad Regionals)

TugtetguT 2006

My corp deck for the Halmstad regionals. With Thimblerig out and about I wanted to revisit an old favourite of mine in Mumbad City Grid and move evn more ICE around all the time.

Atm there is a lot of uncertainty on how multiple "when the runner passes" triggers interact, but word from Jacob Morris is that this will be covered in detail in the upcoming UFAQ. So thanks to him and the ANCUR team in advance, the game would not be the same without the UFAQ.

It is possible that you can do a lot of fun things with the runner using Code Replicator and MCG and Thimblerig!

Thimblerig has a lot of utility with MCG as it allows you to rearrange your entire ICE suite during the course of a few turns, which is a lot of fun and rewards good foresight/planning.

I only got to use the Attitude Adjustment once during the tournament, and I'm considering slotting a second or a pre-emptive as Clanarch is just tough to deal with.

I was on stream four times with the deck; in round 1 and 4 of Swiss and in winners and grand finals in the cut. Again the cut games are really close and the grand final features a really nice Thimblerig moment. You can watch it here:

I got lucky in more than one game during this tournament with this deck- corps have it really tough right now IMO, even though Mti has a bonkers good ability.

9 Jul 2018 Tamijo

Did you consider Eavesdrop at all? I've been excited by that + Thimblerig, and Mumbad City Grid gives you six copies of them just constantly running into your Eavesdropped Ice.

I might give this a shot. What made you go with CST over a Philotic as just a 3/2?

9 Jul 2018 TugtetguT

@Tamijo Not at all, but i also wasn't aware of its existence :-). Without tag punishment I see little purpose in this deck, but at 1 Inf I think you can do it in NBN for good fun! :D

Its a tough call tbh, CST is better early game, but its definitely harder to score. Personally I just dislike scoring an early Philotic as it doesn't do anything for you and late game is not a nice place to be against runners atm, so scoring fast is rather important and CST helps you score the next agenda easier. That is also the reasoning behind SSL > TFP.

9 Jul 2018 zmb

Put Rover Algorithm on Thimblerig and move it in front of the runner :D

16 Sep 2018 mnemic

Rover Algorithm, Eavesdrop, Thimblerig. Mandatory Patch Day!