Son's Hayley slayer (2nd - Prague Regionals 2019)

t.p 45

My 9 years old son playing exclusively runners during our kitchen table Netrunner sessions decided to level up his game and play corp instead. From all archetypes he liked glacier the most, and AoT's ability (saving money, yay! )was the most to his liking. On @USBconnector 's he understood the concept and we tweaked it with cards from the whole cardpool. Couple of games and fine tuning later(juggling with ice and clearances mostly) we settled on this version. I took this deck since I was playing against and with it most often lately. And boy, was it a ride! Winning over 2 Hayleys and Khumalo and loosing two times to @Saan and his Apoc Val, I've ended up second. Thanks to all of you participating and see you around next year!

22 Jun 2019 Longi

Cool story, congrats on the result! See you with your son's decks on regs in Brno!