Drakar och Mazariner Store Championship 170204 (corp)

t80u 21

Farewell tour - only cards from the two first cycles (that were rotated out now) + Creation & control are legal

Finished 3:rd in the tournament, overall very satisfied with the deck (won every game as corp) :)

3 Feb 2017 saracenus

Um, rotation doesn't start until the first pack of the 8th Cycle. Red Planet is the 7th Cycle. So, we have at least 7 or 8 months before the first 2 Cycles rotate out.

5 Feb 2017 t80u

@saracenus Very true, "are about to be rotated out" would probably be better English.

I won all my games with this deck, but since my runnerdeck had some issues (and I met some really skilled players) I ended up third in the championship (which still is alot higher than I expected, especially since I only have around 50 competetive games before the tournament). :)