Adam 1

Szympons 16

My first deck

19 Apr 2021 dnddmdb

Looks good! Just so you know, you don't need to include the Directives in your decklist. You always get to choose them from outside the game. Unless those are just for extra in case your first ones get trashed. Even still, it might be worth using those deck slots for something else.

Also, Emergent Creativity is a really awesome Adam card. Lets you trash your extra Brain Chips and Multithreaders to find a breaker quickly. It works really well with Engolo if you want to play that card.

19 Apr 2021 Shent

An adam deck aiming to take advantage of Always Be Running ? Consider me intrigued. Do you feel missing out on the RNG Key engine is work the extra breaking power?

20 Apr 2021 Nimo

You might consider to add dr. Lovegood for the turns you don't want to run first click with always be running. Also algernon might help you to pay for using always be running. As I see it, VRcation does not work well alongside safety first (actually adams draw engine). You could probably use the influence for better cards. Btw, Logic Bomb is the best Adam card (and most reared by corps). You should really try to integrate all three copies.

I guess RNG Key is not worth it without Find the Truth.

23 Apr 2021 m.p

As @dnddmdb pointed out, Emergent Creativity is the best tutor card for Adam and if you include it, you probably won´t need additional copies of breakers, which will free up a lot of influence. Also, I think this deck doesn´t use Adam´s full potential. Historically, minifactions had limited cardpool in exchange for big influence and special cards which other factions hadn´t got access to because of the influence cost, but this deck doesn´t use these special cards (like Logic Bomb)