Emergent Creativity

Emergent Creativity 2[credit]

Event: Double
Influence: 5

As an additional cost to play this event, spend [click].

Trash any number of programs and/or pieces of hardware from your grip. Search your stack for 1 program or piece of hardware. Install it, paying X[credit] less. X is equal to the total install cost of the trashed cards.

Illustrated by Caravan Studio
Decklists with this card

Down the White Nile (dtwn)

#28 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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Emergent threat on the horizon. Holy wow this card in an incredible power boost for Adam and, as of its release, may be the strongest tutor in the card pool. Self-modifying Code? That costs me 2 and the install cost of the program. Special Order? Just as many clicks and I'm still paying. Test Run/Scavenge is in the neighborhood in terms of efficiency, but it's a two card combo.

Oh, and did I mention it also puts the available hardware tutors to shame? Tyson Observatory is laughably inefficient. Trade-In rarely sees play and needs fodder installed first. Outside of that you're looking to more general use tutors like Artist Colony (and partner in crime Fan Site) or Logos, each of which have considerable restrictions.

Now, firing it without trashing anything is an option, but that shouldn't be your first thought. Dream big. Your looking to trash a Femme Fatale for...another Femme Fatale. 2 2 Femme Fatale. Yes please! Magnum Opus anyone? Need a console, duplicates now help pay for themselves! The possibilities are endless! Silver bullets oh my! Get Monolith. No wait. Dial it back.

And yes, you will be tempted to pay the whopping 5 influence. I doubt it will ever be a common choice but the lure of jank is strong! Hmm, Ayla "Bios" Rahim: Simulant Specialist with NVRAM, maybe two of Emergent Creativity, why not Logos to round it out....[shuffles off giggling maniacally].

(Down the White Nile era)
I like this card a lot with the conspiracy breakers. Oh, I'm out of memory and can't install my primary breaker? I'll just tutor for my Brain Chip/console/additional memory/ and trash my MKUltra only to install it on my next run. —
Yes indeed, that's great synergy. —