Huston! We Have A Problem!

Sz4r1ej 31

Frustration generator - glacier style. Deck operates mostly on locking down Remote server behind ID forcing runner to spend 6 creds while keeping HQ nad R&D relatively safe with big heavy ice. Ideal positioning if you can swing it is Border Controls over remote, Winchester over HQ (in this Hermes meta having a surprise ice that can remove this console is a blessing) Archer over all central servers. Pharos adn Hortem as needed. Mestnichestvo is extra frustrating for runner in this money sucking machine To enable Archer always try to score early Standoffs and Hostiles alternatively if you can swing it or can spare agenda points score/give to the runner Send the Message (though I'd rather keep it to rez Pharos) The usual alterantive win condition is Project Atlas, Public Trail and EOL. Not too fond of this type of win but it helps to clear runners hand if you think you can get some good hits.
Cause we are only ever having max 4 servers and we expect at least 2-3 ice on each Fractal Threat Matrix is a great way to force the runner to think twice before breaking all subroutines, and if they don't want to get through cleanly it will costy them quite a few cards. Possibly could replace retribution with some other tech but I like to keep options for removing programs and hardware in the deck even if not as reliable.

14 Oct 2023 Two_EG

But all your ICE don't go well with Fractal Threat Matrix I think...

14 Oct 2023 Sz4r1ej

Why would you think that? - floating a tag with Pharos is risking EOL, - Winchester unless you run no hardware fits very well, - Mestnichestvo extra 3 credits cost is quite punishing for single run, - Border control most likely wont be on the central server - Hortum is the only that doesnt fit which usually sits not upgraded until you see aumakua - as for Archer its very costly on it own and if the runner decides to give you 2 creds that means you only paid 2 cred for Fractal which most likely sits with another ice on top of archer

14 Oct 2023 m.p

I love to see glacier decks here! what would you think about adding Surveyo- oh. 54 cards.

14 Oct 2023 Sz4r1ej

Thats not a bad shout, though peronally prefer Winchester due to 3 subs on HQ which works better against Bankhar but 5 rez cost for 4-6 str? Those numbers are not bad at all. Would the deck work with 8 sentries ? hmmm killers don't usually break 6 str very efficiently , I might try that out. Probably could cut out 1 Fractal and 1 NGO or Hortum

15 Oct 2023 Sz4r1ej

I think you hit the nail on the head with Sureveyor here. I've tried it out in two games and it's been spot on especially with unrezzed Archers which are usually put early to discourage runs without actually having meaningful ways to activate them. even at 4 str 2 tags with 2 Retributions and 2 EOL is pretty good to threaten hand wipe or program destruction. Thanks!

16 Oct 2023 Sz4r1ej

After over 20 games in I have to say this deck is obnoxious in taxing runners with Surveyor. The big deck size with relatively low agenda density 10 agendas in 54 cards meaning 5.4 draw per agenda allows to take is slow and force runners to either consolidate credits and wait for big access run or risk running into program destruction and Public EOL. meanwhile you can comfortably sit on econ and build up your two central servers. Archer on archives means runners won't be happy to look for easy successful run triggers. Surveyor as 3rd ice is on archer power level strong and border control over ID in remote server means at the very least 12 credits investment before runner even thinks about breaking any ice. If the runner takes it's time SDS can seriously mess up breaker suite or Send the message accelerate your glacier. It get a bit trickier with early Hermes as scoring Hostile and Standoff is bit trickier since you don't want to have your ice bounced without cllick to put it back in. But again taking it slower and just dropping one of two low score agendas without advancing could force the runner to take a bait and spend 6 creds to get 0 or 1 point. that's probably as god as getting 5 creds from Hostile or 3 creds from Standoff.

Like mentioned in the comment I've dropped one Fractal and one Hortum in favour of 2 Surveyors

17 Oct 2023 AnOddRadish

thoughts on Tree Line over Hortum? Decoders get through hortum for 3-4 generally, while Tree Line cam go tall in slow games or send your Pharos to nearly unbreakable heights.

17 Oct 2023 Sz4r1ej

@AnOddRadish you need an access to code gates early on. Runner don't always put decoders early on and being able to slow them down for 3 creds if the subroutine fires is pretty good to waste their clicks. I do admit having access to boost pharos for 1 cred is tempting but the offside of of losing an ice to do it is a bit hard swallow. Tree Line also has only 1 sub which i find to be a bit too weak punish