Tryhard CTM - 2nd place Warboar Store Champs

AndytheLovell 470

CTM went 4-3 on the day although the stats are slightly skewed by all 3 losses being against the same teched up Andy player who was on Power Tap and Citadel Sanctury! If you aren't teched for CTM it's extremely difficult to beat.

People have wised up to CTM but it's still a monster deck and incredibly punishing of small runner mistakes. This is a pretty basic build with a few tweaks as I was expecting a lot of Siphon Faust Anarch builds after the strong showing at worlds.

Best Defense was MVP on the day by a long shot. It sniped 2 loaded Mediums, a Desperado, a Faust and a Barrier dog. Turns out trashing the runner's stuff is a good gameplan.

Data Ward was only rezzed once in a game that I eventually lost and could probably be a second Archangel. Cyberdex was a last minute include that slowed Anarchs down a lot giving me the extra turns I needed to find EOI/Psycho where necessary.

CTM is still the best deck and we can only hope that Breaking News will soon be limit 1 per deck - PLEASE DAMON!