Worlds 2020 (2-4, 139th Place)

Havvy 304

A very standard build on Adam. Very happy with the list, two of the losses were very close being on 6 points (Sportsmetal and AoT), the other two losses was to Asa HHN Boom (which is hard to predict beforehand) and a Palana on a good draw. The wins was vs Palana and Asa.

The 44 - 45th card is Jackpot!, although the paydown is very nice. Buffer Drive was a late include for some program recursion, but didn't see play except for Emergent Creativity fuel!

Overall, I think with a little bit more 'luck', this deck could have gone 4-2 and I would certainly be happy to play this deck again.

Shoutout to Aki and adamlounge in slack, thanks for tuning this deck for me!

13 Oct 2020 NtscapeNavigator

Codebusting > Jackpot. You heard it here first.

16 Oct 2020 Havvy

booo Aki. boooo. Codebusting needs clicks, therefore Jackpot > *

16 Oct 2020 Shorty

Hello Havvy, cool deck! I have capture our games of round 5, you (and of course everybody else) can find them here:

18 Oct 2020 Havvy

Hey Shorty! I'll give it a watch - thanks for the link :)