[Startup] [Old] Punitive Archers (Feedback wanted!)

dessert cactus 27

UPDATE: Here's the second version!

I've been playing Netrunner for about 2 months now and this is my first serious crack at building a deck. The reasoning basically went like this:

Question 1: What's the best icebreaker in startup? Answer: Boomerang.

Question 2: What's the best killer in startup? Answer: Bukhalter.

Question 3: What do these two cards have in common? Answer: They suck against Archer.

You usually win with Punitive Counterstrike. You disincentivize running pretty hard, so Subliminal Messaging and Hansei Review do some serious work together. Hostile Takeover and Divested Trust are mostly for feeding your Archers, but you often win by scoring one after scoring two 5/3s. Divested Trust and Send a Message have a hilarious synergy where you get a free rez (hopefully an Archer) and then yoink the SaM back into HQ.

Sprint is needed for consistency and Magnet is needed because otherwise Botulus makes you look silly. Try to put the Magnets in front of the Archers so you can rescue your Archer during a run on that server.

It's possible the only reason I'm winning is because Punitive Counterstrike is so strong. It is also possible that if you cut Archer the deck gets better, but I choose to believe!!!!

11 Jun 2021 ArminFirecracker

It looks good. If the runner has an good economy and does very little runs, you might get a problem. You could pressure him a bit more with an remote.

You could try adding wall to wall and Akhet. Regolith Mining License might also be an option.

11 Jun 2021 ArminFirecracker

I gave it a try. I don't like Akhet and Regolith. But Engram Flush is a good include!

11 Jun 2021 Saan

I'd probably do 3 SDS Drone Deployment and 2 Send A Message, just because Drone Deployment hurts the runner more to steal (and occasionally might be unstealable if they hit one with no programs installed). Other than that, though, the deck looks pretty solid!

I agree that having something interesting to throw in a remote might be good, like a Malapert Data Vault. This also lets you find Punitives for scoring agendas. You could probably drop a Subliminal, since 3 is a lot for a mediocre card, and maybe drop a Palisade and a Sprint to fit another. Then maybe add in a 1 inf piece of ICE with the Sprint influence, like an Engram Flush.

11 Jun 2021 dessert cactus

@ArminFirecracker: I tested engram extensively, and I found viruses to be so harrowing that I switched them for magnet. My winrate shot up vs. anarch. however, you are right on the money with needing to pressure the runner's economy more with a high-value remote.

@Saan: SaM is simply too powerful with archer to cut, even with the additional cost to stealing SDS. The divested trusts are going to be the cuts instead.

@Everyone: Keep an eye out for my updated version! I asked Andrej (MetropoleGrid on Twitch and YouTube) for some feedback and he pointed out that this ID is barely worth more than a free Hedge Fund in the best of cases. I'm switching to Earth Station, retooling the agendas and economy package, and adding some spicy assets and upgrades to make the deck a bit less honest about its gameplan.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback! :D