(Core + Genesis One Box 2/6) NBN Poor Runner

james123lui 1

Sharing the 6 decks that I built using a single Core Set box + a full Genesis proxy. The goal is to build a few decks that me and my friends can play on the fly once in a while without needing to scrap for cards and rebuild decks.

-- About this deck --

The 3 decks on the Corp side each represent a different play style. This deck aims to keep the runner as poor as possible such that they cannot afford to remove tags, trash upgrades or steal agendas. Instead of focusing on ICE like the HB deck, this deck protects agendas with defensive upgrades. The main tools in this strategy are

1) the tagging kit including Data Raven, Hunter and Bernice Mai,

2) the credit-based defences in the form of Ash 2X3ZB9CY, Red Herrings and Closed Accounts, and

3) the tag punishment based on Scorched Earth and Psychographics, which could be fetched with Archived Memories and Aggressive Negotiation.

This deck had little economy, having to rely on expensive-to-trash but slow assets Marked Accounts and Private Contracts. The ICE are largely on the cheap side, with the sole focus of being more taxing to the Runner than the Corp. It is less important to end runs, than to wear out the runner such that the defensive upgrades can do their job.

-- Some deckbuilding thoughts --

This deck has gone through multiple iterations, as there has been many interesting choices. In the end, a balance between scoring and flatlining has been chosen. Most changes were made given the reality that the Corp is often as poor as the runner, so cards like SEA Source or Midseason Replacements didn't make the cut.