Advanced Astronautics Line. (4-2 NZ Nationals)

blindidiotgod 125

This Jemison's been a labour of love for a long while. It booster-rocketed me into 7th place at NZ Nats 2018, dropping only two games, one in the swiss and one in the cut.

It's a rushy/taxy deck. The earlier you can pressure the runner on agendas, the better it fares. This build is less glass-cannon than FA Titan, dares the runner to play some honest netrunner then out-of-hand scores anyway. It's a deck that rewards the Beards Gambit excellently. Beard's Gambit you ask? Opening three clicks of Ice Wall-> Oaktown Renovation-> Advance is a power open that kicks your deck into overdrive.

Mid-game, this deck likes to throw things into its scoring remote and daring the runner to come get it. NGO Front, Gene Splicer are beautiful things to throw and bait the runner to spend their hard earned cash on.

Late game: Oberth Protocol. Audacity. Oberth to turn a Hostile Takeover or Gene Splicer into a Global Food Initiative to round a game out.

Overadvancing an Project Atlasis great, but far from essential. They're an amazing 3/2 agenda to boost you to 7 points more than an integral part of it's combo. Windmill slam Oaktowns out into the wild whenever you can, it keeps your tempo up. Hostiles are the perfect Fast Track target. Pull it into your hand, install an Oberth, big wins either way. Cyberdex Virus Suite is for clot locks or pulling down an overextended Turtle. Paywall Implementation is a 0 cost current that pays you for daring the runner to poke soft RnD and HQ. EmpStrike is only important for the Hostile -> GFI conversion, other nice targets are your ice to turn on their 3-adv properties.

Tithonium early game, or paid with real credits is a sneaky gearcheck and excellent Wormhole target. Be brave, don't sweat the RnD runs and this deck will reward you.

NZ Nats report: Went 4 - 2. It's losses were to an on-ropes Giest pulling the 1/4 win. And eventual 1st place Wu that Cold One'd it to death.

9 Apr 2018 Inactivist

I am happy to see Beards Gambit finally getting the tournament recognition we all knew it deserved.

9 Apr 2018 Matt500

I am very proud of this deck. Even though when i see it i'm like 'ARGH how do i lose to Jemison!?' and then realise its made by a great man. Well Played sir

10 Apr 2018 Saan

As a long time Jemison player, I really dig the deck list!

10 Apr 2018 blindidiotgod

@Saan thanks! AALs never seemed to be a thing, but the click savings and money-making potential of them is super nice. Flashpoint + Red Sands gave Weyland some good ice finally and the rest is history.