Tool Kit (1st Place Malaysian Nationals, 2nd in Swiss)

Rezalbyks 124

Based on Joseki's Vampire Hunter Hayley:


1) Timed Draw vs PE 2) Win vs NBN: Making News 3) Win vs HB: EtF (Non-Moons) 4) ID (Win vs AgInfusion in for fun game)

Top Cut:

1) Win vs Tennin 2) Lose vs HB:EtF (Turtlebacks Moons)

The Deck:

This Kit is a hodgepodge of ideas while pretending to be Lock Hayley. 46 is debatable, 47 is just pure greed. Don't do it.

I wanted to play something like Lock Hayley but I love Kit (Though Hayley is a close second). The ability to run without fear with just a Decoder and some credits is invaluable.

As I look at the lists of Lock Hayleys, I realized I could import the shell into Kit if I lose the Faust. To make up for that, I went with Refractor and stealth as my pseudo-Faust which allows me to pressure early while still being relevant late game with the support of the other big rig breakers. There is a fantastic synergy between Refractor, Inversificator, and Na'Not'K in Kit that makes it really hard for the corp to build a very taxing server towards the late game. And if the corp is ice light, you can run with the hyper-efficient Refractor and not install the other breakers until needed.

Notable Changes:

With the removal of Faust, I didn't think the deck would need the double draw of Laguna so I went with good old ProCo + Kati instead for more econ.

Turning Wheel is there as a poor man's Legwork.

Net Mercur was certainly the MVP of the day. With 1 or 2 Lockpicks out, Net Mercur becomes a Shaper Desperado or John Masanori while checking asset-spam remotes or fueling Refractor/Inversificator every run. Going to 2 Net Mercurs and 3 Lockpicks would be my next change.

Archives Interface is there for the IG matchup with some utility against Moons. I didn't meet a single IG all day and didn't feel I have the time to install it against Moons especially when there's a Jackson on board. The influence would probably be better used for E-strikes as Scarcity would wreck this list hard.

I'm not sure how I feel about Aesop's. There are less things to pawn for in this list and would probably be better as an extra Net Mercur or Beth.


My only lost of the day was against Moons which I thought I should have been in better control. I had an early clot lock and a Refractor with some stealth out. I got greedy and didn't check every remote, allowing him to sneak out 2 Vitruvius. He then Lakshmi-ed a GFI and I didn't have my film critics (because when you run 47 cards, you don't always get what you want, and certainly don't get what you need). Luckily my Corp carried me in the 2nd game of the finals.

Kit has a pretty good time against AgInfusion I think. Between Kit's ability and Refractor's efficiency (breaking a Chiyashi with 2 stealth credits and 3 real credits is wonderful), they can't really tax you with their ID or their ice. The early pressure usually forces them to go low on credits and they can't recover as quickly through their operation economy and have to click for credits. Late game with Inversificator it turns into a game of swapping ice and swapping servers which can be hilarious.

Film Critic/NACH is good against any tagging deck. But this list could use more econ to properly support it.

The biggest challenge is to trim the list down to 45/6 and resist the urge to include every tech card. Fortunately Kit is rotation-proof and Refractor has one more cycle to go, so more testing to come!

28 Aug 2017 Sanjay

Congrats on the win, and also congrats on a really good deck name for a Kit deck with lots of silver bullets.

29 Aug 2017 Rezalbyks

@Sanjay Thank you! I'm pretty happy with the name as well heh.

29 Aug 2017 Swiftie

:ok_hand: 47 cards :D