Unban CI You Cowards

CritHitd20 5442

There was once a time when Violet Level Clearance was on the MWL due to offering too much reward for one click. Now we have a meta where you can play 9 copies of the effect. This is what I would have brought to GenCon this year had I the time.

This is the same Moons deck that has existed for the last forever years, and now we have Fully Operational as a new and exciting payoff for horizontal play. To that end Asa provides some critical setup speed, and we have a familiar cast of win conditions. Lakshmi is for decks that dont slot Film Critic, Tour Guide is for decks that do, and Biotic Jeeves is for closing the game if all else fails. There is an exciting new line of IAA a Successful Field Test midgame and then AA Fully Operational to load your hand and then vomit out servers on score. I have slightly more ice than most Moons builds did to account for Fully Operational, with IP Block accounting for how weak the ice would otherwise be to Aumakua.

If your meta uses a lot of Hacktivist you should add some Paywalls or TarMars and can cut a Tour Guide and the Turtlebacks. The deck probably wants 1 to 2 copies of DBS but to be honest I've had a fantastic record with it so I haven't made any edits to find room for it.

3 Aug 2019 manveruppd

Wait... you're on the MWL Committee! :D

3 Aug 2019 CritHitd20

I wonder what my stance on the CI ban is.

3 Aug 2019 Kikai

If Lakshmi is for decks that don't slot FC, and Tour Guide is for decks that do... what is for Smoke decks witch switchblade? :sweatdrop_smile:

3 Aug 2019 CritHitd20

I don't really do well at building decks for the broad field as much as I do for specific moments in a meta. I think this deck loses a decent amount of the time to Smoke with FC Clot and Switchblade, but at least you can rush some points while they search for components. I never seem to play against people on FC though.

5 Aug 2019 phette23

Smuggling CI into other IDs since 2018.

Also unban 24/7 so I can play Armed Intimidation again plz thx

5 Aug 2019 CritHitd20

Someone alert the NPE police and arrest this madman. Only wholesome relaxing CI decks here.

31 Aug 2019 gadwag

@CritHitd20 this deck helped me reach 4th at a 12-person regional. I had a blast playing it, and scored a lot of agendas that I had no right to score. Jeeves, Lakshmi and biotic are mighty cards.