Fatal MaxX (22nd at Euros)

Saintis 386

My take on the DDM MaxX archetype. This was extensively tested by the local meta in Cambridge.

The idea is that you sit back and make money and remote-camp, then DDM for more agendas in R&D and hopefully win after 2-3 DDMs. As it is a MaxX it has a poor Skorp matchup that is determined by what cards you mill.

On the day it went 6-2, defeating a NEXT Design, an Argus, a Jinteki Biotech, a Door-to-Door CtM, a Titan running Kill and "winning" against SSO last round as the opponent conceded to got to bed (it was 11:30, we were all very tired). It lost to ff0x's Skorp (in part because I milled Rebirth turn 1 and then most of my breakers). Also lost to a CI Boom! deck in round 7.

Many of the cards are standard "good Anarch cards", the particularly interesting card choices (in my opinion) are:

Test Run: played this instead of the 2nd Levy. Only levied in about 2 or 3 games so it seemed like a good choice. Test Run was played for great effect twice, stealing a rushed agenda behind some sneaky ice (especially good against Argus pushing agenda with PriSec behind a Data Raven).

The 3 flex influence: the original list I started from ran an Atman. After testing against Skorp and PU, it was decided that a Rebirth is very important in those matchups to turn of the MaxX mills. The 2 free influence went to Femme Fatale which are great cards in general. I tried Aumakua, but it doesn't work as well with your running plan (few, high-impact runs) and you got locked out easily from a purge. Also running no AI makes you less concerned about IP Block against CtM. Do note that with Ice Carver installed you break almost all sentries for same or less with Femme compared with MKUltra.

Data Folding: since you are planning on having 3-4 spare MU for Deep Data Mining anyway, Data Folding synergises well with this plan. It's got great drip and lets you remote camp well. I will install any I draw in almost all matchups, except against Skorp.

Dropped cards: I only run 2 I've Had Worse, since you almost never play it for the draw, just keep it against Jinteki, and something had to be dropped to fit in Retrieval Run, Rebirth and Ice Carver, etc. I also decided 2 Stimhack was enough and never missed one during the 8 rounds of Swiss. 1.5 is probably a sufficient number of Stimhacks even.

Overall this deck has a good matchup against most glacier decks since you get the Data Folding drip, and can handle CtM well with Hacktivist and Maw. Those two cards also protect you well against unexpected decks if you hit the correct cards with Maw.