Original Core - Competitive Deck

Spraybizzle 8

I'm posting this due to the lack of Competitive Original Core Decks out there.

Alright, so this deck breaks a lot of rules, but it works for original core.

Here's the thing. Understanding the Corporations' dilemmas and making money is about all you need. This deck gets it done in a number of ways. And the cards just come out for you.

NBN basically has to protect a Melange Mining Corp for multiple turns to have enough money to do anything. Or you have to let a naked, to, double advanced Breaking News either closed account you or scorch you.

Solution: Forged Activations, Infiltrations, crash space, and inside jobs. If you take care of that Melange then you just have to keep them broke and parasite their tollbooths and Data Ravens, and just keep making money and getting agendas until they are done. You cannot afford to leave advanced cards in servers very often against Weyland and NBN.

Weyland is so good if you have no clue what you are doing. The answers are money, crash space, and 5 cards in hand, and once again, an infiltration to check advanced cards before running as much as possible. But you have to run them. A double advanced posted bounty/Breaking News or a sea scorched can wipe you out. Have more money than them, and/or have a crashed space and make smart moves. It takes practice, but this deck will not fail you if you know what you are doing. Don't forget about Archers, snares, Rototurrets, and Aggressive Secretarys. Once again, you have the tools to deal with them if you play smart Netrunner. They have to run so many agendas, they are probably agenda flooded most of the time.

Jinteki, just do not run without at least 4 cards in hand and you will probably be alright, keep them broke. They suck bad at this point, just take your time unless you have what you need like Forged Activation Orders and infiltrations. Install a sentry breaker, when possible, before running blind. Then just check their ice and make sure you have cards and clicks for snare, even though they are probably not running scorched. Keep them broke and check a few cards with infiltration along the way and you can't lose.

HB is probably the most challenging once you know what you are doing with the others. Rototurret, Agg Secs, Archers, and just expensive servers can really hurt you. Still they won't get the perfect ice layout but every several games. You have to keep them broke and trash their money assets. You're biggest threat is losing your breakers, but you also have to watch for snares. forged accounts, account siphons, infiltrations, inside jobs, and even sneakdoor in this matchup are vital.

Do not use your infiltrations for money, save them for installed cards in remote servers. Or a very very occasional concerning ice.

Use your parasites for data ravens, tollbooths, or other pricey ice. Unless you have an account siphon early game and need to get an annoying enigma out of your way. Might be worth it.

So let's talk about the rule I'm breaking. My breaker suite is all over the place, but I would rather run Gordian Blade and Ninja, as Gabe usually has the money to pay for those. The problem is I want to run the cyberfeeder and datasucker to help with the costs on my runs with those breakers, save my femme's for tough situations, and my yog for rainy days if I happen to lose my gordian or can't find it in time. I know consistency is big, but I don't have enough influence for 2 Gordians. And I don't want to have to rely on datasucker in case I get locked out of centrals and purged. It doesn't happen often, but it happens enough that I would rather just control my own destiny when the runner's money is so good versus the corp.

Bottom line is, I really haven't lost with this deck once I learned how each corp can win. And I think it offers all the angles to have any number of tools to win.

Sometimes I go datasucker and sometimes I run sneakdoor beta. it all depends on the situation and what cards come out. But very rarely do I have the wrong cards at the wrong time.

Card draw is lacking but the number of breakers and special orders available makes this an easy day. And money is always around along with desperados, Gabe's ability, and account siphons galore. You just really don't need to do more than draw once most turns and make moves. Draw twice probably every 2-4 turns usually.

You can have multiple Crash Spaces in play for NBN and Weyland. The corp will attempt to sea source, trash crash space, scorch. Or triple advance posted bounty, next turn score, trash, scorch, scorch. So if you have the luxury and can't get to an advanced card, the more crash spaces the better. I usually am good with just one installed at a time. Decoys are just as effective, but I just prefer crash space better for it's tag removal abilities, which you will see with data ravens, shadows, hunters, and snares everywhere.

Bottom line is, this deck will not make you great at the original core meta, but it will give you everything you need to succeed once you understand your enemy and know the cardpool. You will feel pretty dominant with this deck.

Now there is no dominance for you Corp, if you are playing competent competition, so enjoy your wins on the runner side :)



27 Jan 2021 tonybluehose

I accept this challenge. Gauntlet thrown.