Party Animal - 1st @ GNK - (rotation and banlist)

apo 363

This deck was born when I was chatting with my buddy about tough anarch situation post rotation. I said anarch has no freaking multiaccess, my buddy replied that they have Severnius and we both had a good laugh.

But couple of hours later something was itching me. Turned out it was this deck. Probably not tier one but a blast to play. You can't go wrong with a turn like: pop all nighter, use duggars to draw your brakers, amped up, inject, freedom, severnius run dumping the missing breakers for lots of accesses and obelus draw.

1 Oct 2017 Simone Suka

how is the skorpio match up?

1 Oct 2017 aermet69

Awesome idea!

8 Oct 2017 DGB123

Losing medium, nerve agent, and keyhole is a challenge for anarchs but there's also turning wheel for multi-access at only one influence. It's a big trade down from medium but it's a card that can easily be slotted into any anarch deck as it's only one influence.

10 Oct 2017 hornedrat

@Simone Suka Tried it against Skorpios, but this did not end well for me. Maybe I cannot use this deck properly tho. Any tips for playing against Skorpios?

10 Oct 2017 apo

@hornedrats Forget about Injects. Play it only if Skorp already used its ability this turn. Concentrate on settning your multiaccess engine ASAP. You have to make your runs count, since between Batty and Hunter Seeker you have finite number of them. Skorps usually play 10 agendas in 44 cards, so two big multiaccess runs with Freedom on top can get you the win. Usually ingoring the remote is correct.

17 Oct 2017 Matt500

@apohey mate just wanted to let you know i took this made a couple card changes and won me a GNK! only lost to PE because i facechecked traps instead of focusing on the game plan. I also forgot to bring Beth on the night but luckily a 3 access severnius run on R & D luckily found me the winning agenda. Thanks for helping me test it as well! Cheers