Depth & Taxes 2: 2 Tax 2 Thulious [100% WR]

jonkey bong 306

The Thule Mindset

This is the deck I took to second place at the ACG H1 Standard CO. The deck is a refinement of the original Depth & Taxes I ran at CBO. It performed exactly as well as the list deserved (undefeated - an immaculate record for an immaculate deck).

  • Assets, Upgrades, & Agendas stayed the same (best cards in the deck).
  • Added a spicy Hangeki, the actual best card in the deck.
  • Swapped out an Anansi for an Anemone, because it's better.
  • Pulled an Ansel to make room for the Hangeki.

It's a midrange deck that taxes the runner to buy scoring windows.

Please clap.

18 Apr 2023 x3r0h0ur

OK, hangeki in thule is fantastic.