BBQ Info- 2nd @ Perth Regionals

Anzekay 370

Another downunder spin on SYNC, though it's still pretty standard compared to a lot of the other lists going around!

Beat Keyhole Reina, Smoke, Leela and Inverse Kit. One loss to Noise in the final.

IPO because sometimes having money means getting siphoned isn't a big deal. Hortum because I thought it was an inspired idea from the Melbourne guys and I was expecting a lot of AI presence in my meta, same reason for the Wraparound. Observe and Destroy because I was pretty certain there'd be at least one game where someone would get a plascrete down.

Few things in hindsight: the hortum ended up doing nothing special. I think I rezzed it once all day? However if it was the typical Archived Memories I would've been far happier with it and it may have allowed me to win my one loss with the deck in the finals. If I'd been matched against more Anarch I may well have gotten more usage out of it. Real big meta call, I suppose!

I thought I wouldn't care about hacktivist but it turns out it's a really big deal when you have key cards in hand and want to rez a jackson vs Noise. I might end up slotting targeted marketing in again, like in some of my earlier versions, as it's also great vamp/siphon protection.

SYNC- it's good, it's fast, it's hot! 24/7 is still a dumb dumb card.