Setup Specialist (Startup)

flippityflop 23

Made this deck because I didn't have an Ayla deck and have been pleasantly surprised. I thought her ability was a bit underpowered but have found with how fast some of the corps play, the extra 4 cards allow you to give yourself plenty of options to setup fast and with exactly what you need at the time.

Ideally you want 4 cards to start face down that all offer something a bit different. Multi-access, Card Draw, Economy and Hardware are a good mix I find and most the time I am able to get at least 3 out of 4 of these categories. I usually put the breakers back in and try to use the Self Modifying Code with Overclock instead, to get what you need cheaply.

Three Simulchips might be overkill but I like to have one out most the time as an insurance policy against the meaner ice and SDS Drone Deployment. Similarly could probably only have one Harmony AR Therapy as well.

Basic Strategy so far has been to contest the scoring remote early but setting up quickly to keep up pressure on HQ and R&D is the main goal. Khyusuk is an amazing card and is often the way to seal the win. The docklands pass has been handy and coupled with a Jailbreak can really keep up HQ pressure also.

5 Oct 2021 Oddball

Have you tried this deck with Lat: Ethical Freelancer? I feel like might play just as good in him as Ayla?

5 Oct 2021 flippityflop

@Oddball I agree, would probably be good with Lat also. I have an even more event heavy Lat deck that I've played a lot so Ayla for a something different.

6 Oct 2021 Oddball

@flippityflopsounds good! I'm intrigued in your write-up on the cards you decide to add to NVRAM. There's probably something there VS the blind draws of Lat.

7 Oct 2021 Baa Ram Wu

1 big issue with Lat currently is that in Startup the Strongest Deck (PD) can completely shut off your ability with their increased hand size :(

7 Oct 2021 flippityflop

@Baa Ram Wu This is true and have suffered from this a couple of times. @Oddball Agreed, hard to judge what is more valuable, blind extra card draw or targeted access to cards you need but only four of them.