Batty Boys - 3rd place Storechamps (4-0)

bakunin75 120

Testing a bit with Manta Grid (really cool card, actually FA a TFP of a desperate medium dig for the win, 2x manta + jeeves).

Testing Psychokinesis, getting key upgrades, jeeves, jacksons is really important in this one so the one of Psycho did good work, potentially also good to get out of a r&d lock.

Ice suite is really strong in the meta right now I think, lots of crim on mongoose (lots of sentries) and no recursion. Lots of free MU (Cortex Lock always good). Rototurret was my 1 inf substitute for Ichi and obv. Batty target no1. With the etr on this one I feel this is superior to Ichi now, because you can stick it on a remote and Parasite decks will most likley be running Sifr anyways..

Salems's is a terribly underrated card, even information on the runner hand can be so key. Exploit with Targeted Marketing and Ark Lockdown.

Otherwise win mind games and you're good to go!