Apoc MaxX v1.2 (1st OTG/US Nats - Undefeated 2021/22)

Sokka 1441

Hey look it’s the best runner for the last year! v1 won every game I played in APAC Continentals and Intercontinentals. In v1.1 I cut 2 Stargates for 2 Hippos and I should have played it at worlds 2021. I chose Steve, got punished by bad draw, and I still have nightmares about it. Now v1.2 cut a Hippo for one Stargate back to improve the Gagarin matchup. I won every game at US Nats which means I’ve won every single tournament runner game in which Apoc MaxX was my runner with each of the versions being at most a 2 card difference.

It’s been a good run and I very much look forward to MaxX rotating away :)

Check out my corp writeup for more about US Nats

13 Jul 2022 DonLoverGate

How did you find the 1 OOTA vs the potential 2 you could slot? Was it enough?

13 Jul 2022 Sokka

@DonLoverGateI think this influence is the right balance. Against sebastiank’s click-tax Mirrormorph I was waiting lifetimes for the OOTA to show up. The Deuces gives unparalleled flexibility against tag decks which I think makes them worth the slots and influence

13 Jul 2022 Bridgeman

It is almost as if this is a very scary deck, hmm...

The real question though, how did you survive without our boi Aesop?!?!?!?