Mario Kart: Triple Dash (Indy Regional 1st Place)

Icecreamcollege 10

Everything here is pretty standard.

Maxwell was put in because there weren't enough CI decks running around to warrant a pol op.

2x breakers are enough to get you through any match especially if skorp isn't showing up.

Mad dash is the star of the show. Just click it and rip one from an open HQ or be a nerd and set up one with indexing. Either way, you're getting a Clan counter or an agenda point.

Press zer0 every turn because the card is broken and Boggs agrees.

Overall, this deck is nothing new. Hard mulligan for a zer0 and get set up fast. I ran against Mti, Ctm, Asa (lost), CI (lost), CI, Azmari, and another CI in GF.

For corp, I played combo CI with a few changes to Sam's deck. The changes were minimal and the deck is banned so I won't publish the corp list.

If you have any questions, post a comment or feel free to DM me on slack.