Mawmar Refreshed (Stimhack Cache Refresh Tournament)

YankeeFlatline 225

So if you decide to go with the Anarch big box in Cache Refresh you're pretty stuck for econ options, that's what stuck out to me. I've run this kinda rig with some success out of a PrePaid econ set but that's not an option so I went with Aeneas, Stimhack, and Armitage for kind of a pauper econ for how expensive some of the crap in here is. Cyberfeeder does some good work. Data Folding is good when it gets set up but when you're looking to put early pressure on that econ loss from installing more than one can really add up. Fortunately you can put pressure on the corp from 0 credits and without a lot of stuff that it's really terrible to lose you can feel free to face check with your first click every turn. Went with spooned and forked over parasite because of the Data Folding and because Paperclip is so much more econ friendly than your other heap breakers, but if I kept playing with this I would have switched out the Folding and put in a more mixed set of breakers and some datasuckers. Plenty of mem from Maw so there's really room for that if you're not worried about keeping your drip up.

Won a couple games with this and got closer with others, you can really do some ugly damage with Maw if you can get it out early and just make them desperately try to keep you out of trigger spaces. If they put out a naked asset you can click for three credits and a net damage to the corp which is awesome. No Jackson makes it really good too especially if you can Maw out their Preemptive Actions or whatever they're rolling with. A lot of this is tech I was messing around with that's just still in this deck because that's what I had when the tournament ended.