Bootcamp Renovation-Top Weyland at Worlds 2015

crfluency 525

Update: After Feb.1st, you can just play corp war, or keep NAPD and swap a booth into Wall of Thorn.

The list is updated from bblum's bootcamp glacier version.

I finished 11-5, 30th place, highest weyland placing at worlds.

BlueSun went 5-3 in Swiss. Lost to 2 Noise ( 1 with archive interface, 1 with employee strike ) and a time lose to reg Val with 5pts scored.

I somehow won against an employee strike spam siphon Maxx at worlds. It is a miracle.

Good MU: Criminals in general, DLR decks, Sunny

Close MU: PPVP KAte, Noise, Reg Wiz

Bad MU: Nexus Kate, Employee Strike Decks, Reg Val, MultiThreader Andy

MVP Cards: CorpTown, OAI Archer, Public Support, Global Food. Candidate: wormhole ( shutdown Yog hard and tax sucker), powers hutdown ( I can't find slot for it and will never go -1 crisium ever)

After D&D, Kate's MU has been improved. Food and public support did most of the work here. One more campaign also allows more remote play once adonis get trashed. You normally can win when Kate are on 6pts now. The match up is 50/50 against world class Kate players slightly in favor of Kate but should be able to beat normal PPVP Kate in any tournament.

Noise MU also has been improved because corptown, Assassin and also OAI Archer. It is very draw dependent. If you can rush out an early agenda, get some OAi money and get corp town rezzed before Noise gets rich, it normally just destroy him. If not, then rushing out behind OAI Archer and give up corptown plan is the way to go. This match up is very shaky mostly depends on your draw and their draw. We all know that BlueSun always has a poor scaling among cards. There are clear threshold between early ice and late ice, and some combo cards interact with other cards. This means it will perform way more poorly with noise milling a random portion of the deck compare to other corp deck where most of the cards are mid-game playable by itself.

I thought there won't be many noise because of the haarps fear. I was wrong. Instead, they slot in employee strike as an anti-haarps tech which hurts BlueSun the most =[

DLR Val match up is def in favor of BlueSun. Crisium HQ and play around siphon is not hard. OAI/EBC ice to creat a safe remote and rush behind is my No.1 Plan. OAI Archer is godlike in this match up if you put another ice in front of it (like spiderweb). Rezzing corptown to trash their rig and slowly score out is also fun, just takes longer.

Corptown is a high reward high risk card. You need to make sure you can have it stick. If the runner can trash it within 3 turns then it's not worth it. The key is to tell whether you have a chance for it from your draw in the first 2-3 turns and do not hesitate to rush out a 2pts and sac it the turn after for rezzing it, otherwise you miss the window and better off rushing. Protecting it while building up a second remote for drip econ/scoring and make sure not giving up too many central access is very skill intensive. There are some scenarios where you want to plan for it since turn 1 like against Sunny or GangSign Leela. Other MU it actually really depends.

Employee Strike is completely nightmare. You may be able to pull it out if it is played in some OK id or they couldn't find it early. But against employee strike parasite spam deck, it is almost an auto lose. I don't think housekeeping is the way to go since the slot is already very tight. It's better to just take a break from BlueSun if your meta is full of that card. Fortunately that card is not very good and people will realize it eventually just like blacklist.

80% of my game, I won with 1 public support and 3 2pts. 20% of time it is 2-2-3. I really miss the old days when we can Pri-Req Curtain Wall, but food is just too good when you lose it on R&D. I can never go back even though I'm not a fan of it.

10 Nov 2015 bblum

will never go -1 crisium ever

preach it

Great job again, Ran. Love seeing you carry the torch for weyland even after I put it down myself.

10 Nov 2015 vesper

I know that Corp decks are always a tight affair, but why not counter Employee Strike with a bit of good ol' Housekeeping?

Congrats on reaching 30th! I would have probably placed n+1-th, where n = number of participants :-)

10 Nov 2015 J-Flex

Tagore played Blue Sun at Worlds and he made the top 16 but still congrats! it's tough being Weyland :)

10 Nov 2015 Dzerards

@J-Flex Tagore didn't make the cut. Though watching him on the stream, I just glad he didn't have a heart attack!

10 Nov 2015 crfluency

@J-Flex :) I got the top weyland tracker prize from Lukas, so I'm pretty sure this is top weyland. But I think it's reasonable to assume maybe there are some BlueSun finished higher than 5-3 but their runner let them down. Yeah to be able to make it to the top 16 with Weyland, you need more luck on the pairings or be perfect on your runner side.

10 Nov 2015 J-Flex

Yeah you're right my bad. Best in faction prizes are pretty cool, congrats again :)

10 Nov 2015 crfluency

@vesper I think housekeeping is a card you need at least 2 of for it to be effective enough since it is better early. It is a reasonable Noise tech but I just really can't see what to cut for it. The deck is already on a minimum econ to be able to fight against Kate and a minimum playable ice to be able to shut down criminals early. 2EBC 1 Corptown for consistancy. 2crisium grid to guarantee no bullshit messing around with my centrals. :< really tough decisions. And runner can easily SOT employee strike.

12 Nov 2015 Cerberus

Really well done, great performance. You really deserve to be top Weyland, you are a great pilot of that deck. Was really nice meeting you.

12 Nov 2015 crfluency

@Cerberus Thanks Dave! Your Leela is truly remarkable. I wish I could have played better against you, that's my only regret at worlds =]. Was really nice meeting you and see you next time!

16 Nov 2015 DarlingSensei

This looks phenomenal! I was hoping you might elaborate on the ice mix. How do you refine the mix between early gear check ice and OAI heavy hitters? My Blue sun decks always feel like either get all big ice or all small and OAI's.

I am also curious about the cyberdex virus suite. Blue Sun doesn't usually have too many problems with viruses, how does it help in this build?