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Why not play all the things and get into every server for free?

I've been playing some form of Nexus Kate, Prepaid Kate, and Stealth Kate over the past few months and find this version to be the most well-positioned. It solves some problems I've faced with other builds by focusing on their strengths and transferring them over to cover their weaknesses.

General Strategy: Setup Economy, Run some, Setup Rig, Run some more, all while trying to use your Kate and recurring credit discounts as much as possible. A Prepaid VoicePAD in your starting hand is usually enough to make it keepable. Draw before playing an economy event in case you draw another Voice PAD.

Specifics: The main Trade-In target is Rabbit Hole into Nexus. It's a nice include for when you're well ahead on economy, but it's not needed every game. There's enough residual link between the Hopper and Dyson Chip to make up for the lost link. If you're facing kill, grab a Hopper.

Hyperdriver is the main SMC target if you're not facing a gearcheck rush deck, as Nexus + one breaker should get you into most servers. I try to spam the hyperdriver early and use it to draw three cards to setup faster. I prefer it over Quality Time because it gets the Kate discount, doesn't use my prepaid credits (that I will likely be able to use from what I draw) and doesn't cause me to discard. Try to use all three before installing your fourth permanent program; after that you won't have enough memory for another.

I try to play "Freedom Through Equality" immediately before a Legwork or The Maker's Eye. This means spending non-prepaid credits on events, but an extra point is worth it. I've been considering replacing this slot with a Notoriety.

Don't be afraid to Levy a little early, restacking half your economy events and getting 5 fresh cards can really boost your game plan even if there're still 15 cards left in your deck.

Ghost Runner credits are more often used for traces and trashing than actually breaking ice, matchup dependent. When facing NBN use Ghost Runner credits to trash SanSan City Grid while keeping your econ. Once your link is setup you won't need them to break ICE, and they will likely attempt to to out-trace you with Hard-Hitting News. Keep an eye on your link plus your credits vs their credits. Deuces Wild along with two PPVP allows you to go down to 3 creds to clear a single HHN, but ideally you won't be in that position. Worst case this deck should be fine going Tag-Me, since it's not reliant on resources. Beware QPM and Exchange of Information.

Ankusa is in there because it's the only in-faction Fracter I actually want to break Eli with. This deck can take the econ hit, and Glacier decks don't like spending clicks to re-install ice. That said, most Elis will be clicked through or Nexus'd over. It's not needed in every game, but when it is I'm glad it's not Inti.

Dyson Mem Chip over Akimatsu and Sports Hopper over Plascrete simply for the bonus link. Between those two operating Nexus without Rabbit Hole isn't terribly painful.

If you draw a Rabbit Hole, install it before drawing too many more cards as drawing another becomes inefficient. Always commit to installing all three, as this helps filter your draws.

Once you're setup you can easily blank a ton of ice, meaning the "One free run per turn" of normal stealth and Nexus builds becomes a more reasonable two or three.

There are no real tech cards in this build, you'll just have to pay 4 to steal NAPD Contract and play psi games to deal with Caprice.

12 Sep 2016 NetDad


12 Sep 2016 NetDad

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