Jaws of Defeat - 19th @ America Continentals

Bilby 4

they WILL stay tagged eventually

This is the ACME list I took to America Continentals. ACME has been one of my absolute favorite IDs since it came out and, despite losing essential cards to rotation, it's still a blast. I barely tested this deck at all and it actually went positive!

This deck is a slow and plodding thing. It asks the runner to make way more runs than they should in order to win due to the highly obnoxious agendas. That plus AMCE's brutal ice lets you slowly whittle away at the runners cash until they are in HHN range. Most of my wins happen when there are 10 or fewer cards in rnd and the runner on 5-6 points. Because the games take so frickin long you will have drawn your singleton tag punishers, the runner will be out of gas, and you can throw the book at 'em.

I was scared of apoc since you rely on expensive ice, but the matchup was actually very winnable. the big ice lets you follow up their apoc with a big HHN, and while they're dealing with that you can set up to get ahead of them. Holding ice and spin dr proved to be a good idea too.

I think with some solid testing and list changes this could be a strong deck but I'm a total deckbuilding magpie so I'm already on to my next C- grade creation. Immediate change would be -1 crisium, +1 government subsidy.

and thanks NISEI, volunteers, and streamers for a fantastic event!