Stechi-FuxX (5th @ Euregio)

Klopstock 640

I played this deck at the Euregio, going 5-2, beating Mushin PE, Daily Quest Blue Sun, EoI-Azmari, Spammy NEH and Kill CtM, losing to Obokata/Loop-Palana and Prison Gagarin. Enough has been said and written about this archetype, it is just ridiculous. When you have a bad start, you are set up around turn 6 - with a good setup sometimes as fast as turn 3 - and from that point onwards the Corp board simply evaporates, allowing you to cruise to an easy win with minimal multi-access tools. You have enough drip economy to never run out of gas, destruction for more Ice than necessary in a typical game and Hacktivist Meeting and Maw as Asset Spam- and Other-Shenanigans-protection. Of course it is possible to beat this deck, but it is very hard and the deck has very few bad matchups, while being able to beat suboptimal decks with very good reliability.

30 Apr 2019 adquen

You get my like for the deckname alone. <3