I See You!

tstack 984

This is the corp deck I took the ANRPC event in Chicago this past weekend. It went 4-1 on the day, only losing a very close DLR matchup that could have gone either way. I'm publishing this because there are so few hari decks i've seen on here.

Anyway, this a classic butchershop type build with both 24/7 and HHN as tagging options. Plan 1 is to kill the runner by scoring out fast to 24/7 and kill them with scorch/traffic/salem's. Plan 2 is to pretend you are Sync and try to rush/EOI/QPM your way to 7 points. For some reason, the deck looks more like a HHN EOI deck than a kill deck to most runners, so you can get some cheap kills due to the runner not knowing whats up.

Why Harishchandra? because 17 influence is crazy, and seeing the runner's hand allows you to make more informed decisions. You can snipe key pieces in the runner's hand with salem's to deny them tempo/allow yourself a larger kill or scoring window. It also gives you more of a heads up about which plan will be more viable for you to win with. It also makes Salem's/scorch a guaranteed kill for someone with a 4 card hand, which is a nice bonus.

DBS was an allstar include(thanks Daine) which helped the consistency a lot. The crisium grid is for sure a flex slot. It works well as a san san in a non siphon meta.

18 Aug 2016 The Broken Meeple

Would maybe a Targeted Marketing help or 2? Employee Strike and Rumour Mill might cause this some headaches and you have the ability to target a card you can see.

18 Aug 2016 tstack

Sure, you could def get a TM or 2 in here, it would probably get you some cash/deny siphon etc. As for clearing currents, you score enough that I haven't had a problem with it, but another option is always nice.

24 Aug 2016 tzeentchling

Is DBS or Sensie better here? I usually tend towards Sensie in kill decks, since you want to see those crucial cards quickly.

26 Aug 2016 tstack

Both do very similar things, up to you which you prefer. I find DBS tends to fire more times, but each single firing of sensie is probably better.

28 Oct 2016 FightingWalloon

I'm used to playing HB glacier. What is the strategy for using your ice with a deck like this?

28 Oct 2016 tstack

Basically, ice up centrals when you can, maybe create a 'scoring' remote of wrap and raven, just to make them run something. Try to get a free QPM behind a data raven if you think they'll go for it. Going for an aggressive turn 1 astro or beale behind a gearcheck can be good too. Mainly you are trying to slow them down enough to get 24/7 online by scoring breaking news and anything.