For a Spoonful of Kicks (2-1 @ Netscape Navigator SC, 16/70)

DonLoverGate 195

Jack of Clubs

As with all of my best Netrunner decks, this deck is loosely based on a Bridgeman build : (not a euphemism)

Thanks to my testing group, including Finn and Arndt who reminded me to slot a Citadel by sending me to tag hell with R+ and Aryabhata CtM respectively. Also Mitch and Christoffer for emotional support and jamming fun games. I figured this deck has a good chance against all the strong corp decks: glaciers that rely on defensive upgrades can be scooped out, advanceable ice can be surgically removed, against Sports GC we have a Stargate and an Imp, delivering a favourable matchup.

On the day, the deck won in r1 against Rhyme’s Argus. I was put under a bit of scoring pressure, but eventually managed to stabilize and establish a Stargate lock. I then proceeded to lose in r3 against Diomedes’ PD, following a 3 minute think on whether I should run the Ikawah Project in the remote because I falsely assumed my opponent had a Seamless Launch in hand when in fact they did not.

Finally, I proceeded to snag a win against Rustryder’s NPE CtM by virtue of an early denial of the ARES score, rebirth into Loup for value trashes and finding the one Citadel Sanctuary.

The deck is good. In fact, I think it is very good. Is it perfected? I doubt it, but I am not good enough at deckbuilding to figure out what to change. I implore you to iterate on this ice cream parlor deck.

11 May 2021 5N00P1

Would think about Labor Rights maybe instead of Retrieval Run? And like to have 2x DreamNet.

11 May 2021 Bridgeman

Always good to get a shoutout :D Well played sir, and congratz on a good tournament!

List looks pretty tight, The only card I instinctively wanna cut is retrieval run :D Afraid of righsoot I suppose?

23 May 2021 DonLoverGate

@5N00P1 These are very good ideas. I like Retrieval Run for it's speed, but Labor Rights may very well be better. It has saved my buttox several times when my Engolo gets trashed, and trying to find the Engolo again in a full RnD may prove difficult.

DreamNet is good, and the deck could use a bit more draw. I'll ruminate on it.