Malleable MaxX (US Nationals 2018, 7th)

ramus 309

This is the runner deck that I played at US Nationals in Seattle. I went 4-1 (with 2 IDs) with this deck, losing a nailbiter versus @pj20's Asa deck.

The deck is largely inspired by @tmoiynmwg who showed that Reclaim in MaxX works. However, since I wanted to pack Zer0 and Clan Vengeance, the Trope plan didn't work, which means the deck needed to pack the usual singleton Levy and went with Find the Truth over Indexing.

Besides the basic Anarch gameplans, the deck is rather flexible, with Reclaim letting you pick out key cards that you may want (Turntable, Find the Truth, The Turning Wheel being the primary options) when you want or just picking up D4v1d for the more glacier-style decks.

There's a lot of flexibility in the slots, which I picked after playing matches against a wide variety of Corp decks. You have trade-offs between Ice Carver and Datasucker, and you could cut the Falsified Credentials for Turtle + Rebirth, but I love that card too much to cut it. Hippo is very situational and could be cut for something else.