Bad Cards Whizz - Euros

lpoulter 955

All credit to the great Dr Fowler for both the deck and the name.

This deck is designed to beat Moon spam which it does very well. During testing we found Rumor Mill to be the best answer to Estelle Moon ETF decks. If you can deny ETF the ability to get a moon with more than 2/3 counters they will be to poor to score out and defend their centrals.

The economy is clunky and very click intensive espically in comparison to Temüjin which was cut to allow 9! inf to be spent on Rumor Mill's. To make the deck smoother we also made a meta call to completely punt the sync MU by dropping Aaron and playing Career Fair.

N.B. I take full responsibility for the addition of MaE. Dr Tim would never run such a card. True BCW plays 2 IHW instead.

4 Jun 2017 timfast

Significant work from Laurie, Chris, Alex and Theo explains the high number of good cards in this list. The name was funnier with my original day job version.

4 Jun 2017 Kelfecil

Congrats on 2nd place man, super well piloted and well deserved!

5 Jun 2017 MikeJS

So, going into finals I had no idea you were on triple Rumor Mill. Honestly, I'm glad I didn't. I was constantly worried about the plascrete or Aaron hitting the table. If I knew your deck I might have become complacent. GGs again man. That moon piloting was literally flawless (unlike my Whizz play against it).

5 Jun 2017 evilgaz

Good work Lozzer!

I had 1 Maw, 1 Plascrete in my Whizz (that I didn't take), but you probably got where you did with extra mouths to feed, and no dead cards along the way.

5 Jun 2017 clercqie

But did the MAE do its job? :p

Massive congrats on the finish!