Reavershop Wu (24th Belgian Nats)

ayyyliens 537

Modified version of AlexB's worlds list. I really liked the setup speed it has versus aesops haley. It also doens't care about scarcity as much. I swapped the Imp out for a No One Home and a Legwork. You can change any of those slots depending on your meta. I also added a 3rd stimhack. Peace is nice but I refuse to give the corp free credits.

Win: Mti, Mti, Ctm Loss: Mti, Mti

I was suprised of the amount of Mti's not running miraju, indexing is crazy good and almost all wins featured important indexing runs.

25 Sep 2018 RvdH83

How did Engolo perform? Even with a Gordian I sometimes run into MU problems if I can’t find Astrolabe early. How did you manage that?

25 Sep 2018 RvdH83

Ah, wait, Dhegdheer.

25 Sep 2018 ayyyliens

You can get in a lot of servers using only reaver, engolo and one of the other 2 breakers. You use the dhegdgeer to keep installing and selling off cache's. With double reavers draws you will eventually draw into an astrolabe. Use SMC's for cache early so you'll thin out the deck faster.