[ Startup ] I need Deck Slots!

pj20 1481

Mainly publishing because I'm at max deck slots, but this deck is actually pretty fun.

It is pretty soft to Boat, but does extremely well in the Esa matchup.

I played this is a CO this past weekend & somehow didn't rez a single Nani or Hafun all day. In fact, I don't think anyone even ran a remote in 4 games. I think it was part because they were focused on Conduit digs & part because it's pretty easy to create a clown car remote with 3 upgrades that they don't want to check.

In testing, being able to Hafun a piece of ice to use immediately with Nanisivik was pretty great. You could get an easy core with Bloop or trash a key program with Ansel. You only really care about getting to 2 Core so you can jam Ontologicals.

Main change I'd make is Djupstad over Hendrik. I don't necessarily think the Harmonic ice is GOOD, but I do enjoy it and getting lots of subs on Echo can be pretty useful. I used the 3x Bifurcation to derez Spins / Echo / Hafun. Felt ok.